Levenshulme Antiques – An Android’s View

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My friend Chris and I decided to take a stroll around Levenshulme Antiques Village today. She was on the hunt for some old black and white photos of northern scenes for her living room. We didn’t find anything she wanted but instead found a proper treasure trove of other stuff. There’s wonderful old furniture on the top floor, a nice cafe where you can get a decent cooked breakfast, a very nice picture shop on the ground floor, but make sure you wipe your feet before you go in as the fella who runs it is forever sweeping up after people with his dust pan and brush. There’s loads of little shops too with everything you could ever imagine and some more besides. We wondered what the building was originally and found out that it was the old town hall. The cop shop next door has now been turned into a very nice furniture shop, which only opened on Saturday. She’s got it laid out great, using the old cells as bedroom displays, ace! Oh and the reason I called this An Android’s View was because I took all the picture on my Android phone.


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