Dunham Massey March 2011

Decided to visit Dunham Massey yesterday to make use of my National Trust membership, which shamefully didn’t make use of at all last year. I joined the National Trust because I enjoy photography and National Trust properties and sites provide no end of photographic opportunities, however in some you can’t take photos inside the buildings. Another reason was an interest in history and architecture plus a hunger to be in the great outdoors. Living in a city it’s wonderful to have access to open space, countryside and nature away from sounds of traffic and the general hubbub of city life at not too great a distance. Within half an hour you can be transported to a world away. These are quiet delights and simple pleasures and I wouldn’t be without them. Another guilty pleasure for me is the jams, honeys and preserves you’ll find in the gift shops there – more expensive than you’d find at your local supermarket but they are truly delicious. And finally the cafe’s and the freshly cooked food you can get there, it’s quite a treat. Parking and entrance to properties is generally free if you have membership which means you can just decide to visit somewhere at the drop of a hat without considering how much money you’ll need to spend.

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4 thoughts on “Dunham Massey March 2011”

  1. Hi Julie

    Not sure if we have met yet, been away for while with bad health, ask Gary about me, i am sure he will have some thing nice to say. Or visit my website at http://www.pauledwards.org.uk to see what I do.

    One of my favourite places to just chill, I visited on many occasions. Vist my gallery of Dunham Massey at http://www.onmytravels.co.uk/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=4 to view my photos, there are some more on http://www.pentaxpaul.co.uk, I am in the process of putting a few videos together of Dunham Massey, especially the Fallow Deer. I would highly recommend Dunham Massey, there is quite a lot to see if you have patience, and all very easy to walk round, even disabled wheelchair, and the beauty is you will always see something, especialy the deer.

    Hopefully i will pop into the office soon at the grange, we might meet up for a coffee. In fact just email me when your in and I can annoy Gary.

    Enjoyed the fact you finally visited dunham, in fact there are 3 places with in 14 mile radius very much worth visiting, Dove Stone Reservoirs, Dunham Massey and another favourite of mine, Etherow Country Park in Romiley.

    Paul Edwards
    Community Reporter

    1. Hi Paul, we may have met during the Guerilla Busking event although I’m not certain – I was volunteering at that but with Single Cell not People’s Voice Media. I’ve been to Etherow already and it is lovely, especially the foresty bit. Haven’t tried out Dove Stone Reservoirs yet, so will have to go visit.

      1. Hiya, yeah I’m in a photo stood with Jonathan Atkinson and another girl in who’s dressed in blue. I’m the one in the black coat. That’s a really nice video, not seen that before.

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