Volunteering with People’s Voice Media

I started volunteering with People’s Voice Media in 2009 as one of their Community Reporters. This was a great opportunity for me to put my existing video production skills to use and learn about creating social media content, with a focus on the local community. I held a burning ambition to become a film maker and getting involved here led to my first opportunity to produce films for an audience and hone my skills as an interviewer. Volunteering then led to working for People’s Voice Media as a Video Producer and Community Reporter Trainer. Below are some of the videos I produced when volunteering.


This was the first video I editied for People’s Voice Media. I had recently been made redundant and had invested some of my redundancy in an iMac and some Final Cut editing software with a view to fulfil a long held ambition to be a film editor. I was looking for projects that would have an audience and a wider purpose, not just getting some practice in on holiday videos. I answered a call on facebook put out by Jess Mayo to volunteer as a film editor editing Community Reporter’s footage and was provided with footage of the Lower Kersal Allotment Project which was filmed by some of the young people helping out there with assistance from Teresa Wilson, the Community Manager at People’s Voice Media. The plan was fairly loose so I had free reign over how I put it together. They seemed to like what I made which encouraged me very much and whet my appetite for further Community Reporting work.


This is one of the first Community Reports I filmed and edited for People’s Voice Media. It was held at Birchfields Forest Garden on the Summer Solstice and features Rob Squires, who appears in a few of my videos. The event was put on by Adele Myers of  Manchester Permaculture Network and featured workshops in African Drumming, Herb Drawing, Herbal First Aid and Making Herbal Beauty Products. It was a lovely day and we rounded it off with some Elderflower Champagne which was very tasty!


This was a photomontage with interviews I put together with Tony Thornborough of the Manchester International Festival Elbow gig which was fed live to Castlefield for everyone to enjoy!


This footage was handed to me by Mick Fuzz to do something with and again features Rob Squires. Leaf Street, in Hulme, has it’s own community garden, a fertile ground on which can be found lots of tasty fruit and veg but needs tidying up once in a while. The video was an appeal to the people of Leaf Street to get involved and make the most of this free and natural resource.


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