ISABEL Training in Salamanca

Earlier this week I went along to Salamanca in Spain with Teresa Wilson to train trainers for the ISABEL project, a very exciting European project which People’s Voice Media are involved in. Training ran from 16th -18th May. Teresa was leading the training and I was there to provide some technical support and help people out when they got a bit stuck. One of the aims of the ISABEL project is to train Community Reporters in Europe. We had a group of around 25 including trainers from Spain, Italy, Germany, Hungary and Turkey who will deliver this kind of training to groups they are working with in Europe. The link below takes you to the slideshow on Keep your eyes peeled for more stories about ISABEL . . .

ISABEL Training in Salamanca Slideshow.

ISABEL made the TV News in Spain! See link below

RTVCYL News Report on USAL Participation in ISABEL Project

Here are some videos that were made on the training days:


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