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Bokeh Yeah! Timeline Poetry Film Screening Tonight at HOME

Tonight is the culmination of a project I’ve been co-ordinating for Manchester filmmakers Bokeh Yeah! Phew, we finally made it 🙂



Overcome the Side-effects of a Work from Home Lifestyle

You don’t have to work from home (WFH) to enjoy this post, but it helps (joking) A really entertaining read 🙂 I work in an office.

Lords and Ladies of Leisure

As someone who regularly works from home (WFH), I can certainly appreciate some of the benefits – I live where I want to live, I have no commute and I don’t have germ-ridden co-workers getting me sick. These are all good things for sure, but after doing the WFH lifestyle now for several years, I’m beginning to experience what I think might be some side-effects. For example:

  1. I have a lovely wardrobe of house pants, comfy socks, flip-flops and slippers, but my career attire seems to be lacking or no longer fits, which brings me to #2.
  2. I’m starting to get a muffin-top, but didn’t really start noticing (thanks to the elasticity of my house pants) until I tried to squeeze myself into jeans and then…there it was…spilling over…Mr.  muffin-top. Very reminiscent of my life as a lady of leisure with a flourishing muffin top.
  3. I talk to out…

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Open Call for Film Submissions!

Quays Culture


Quays Culture invite you to submit your artist film for our second Quays Open Day, a free, curated programme of events happening all over the Quays. Within this exciting programme, a 25-seater mobile cinema will be open to the public, featuring screenings of dynamic and groundbreaking work on screen. As part of this we are launching a programme dedicated to northern artist film.

We are looking for artists and filmmakers in the North of England who are pushing the boundaries in artist film. We want to showcase a range of new, inspirational and challenging film art from emerging northern talent. We want excellent work that captures the imagination of the public, many of whom would be new to artist film.

The Artist Film Programme will include two strands for entries;

a final year student strand

a general open call strand

Both strands will be free to enter. Finalists will be…

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Oskar Schlemmer’s Bauhaus costume parties (1924-1926)


The Charnel-House

With “Life at the Bauhaus”
by Farkas Molnár (1925)

Image:Bauhaus costumes by Oskar Schlemmer (1925)


Translated from the Hungarian by John Bátki.
From Between Two Worlds: A Sourcebook of
Central European Avant-Gardes, 1910-1930

(The MIT Press. Cambridge, MA: 2002).

It is the first institution in Europe dedicated to realizing the achievements of the new arts for the purposes of human existence. Its inception was the first step toward a recognition that has become widespread by now: that “atelier art” has divorced itself from life and is dead, and that every person possessing creative powers must seek his or her vocation in the fulfillment of the practical needs of everyday life. Today’s scientific and technological advances will not become assimilated into general culture as long as humankind still lives under medieval conditions. The machine is still a foreign object in the houses of today; the documents of…

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