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Manchester School of Dentistry Marketing Animation

Not strictly a film work this but a marketing video I was asked to review and update, by Paul Coulthard (Head of School) whilst working at The School of Dentistry at Manchester University. This was a side project during office temp work that I’m doing which came my way because they found out I did a spot of film making in my spare time and was interested in media production. It was pretty much like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. I was reworking a piece put together on aftereffects 3 years ago with a whole batch of new photographs taken by a freelance photographer the school had hired. My task was to develop the wording to give the film more impact and select appropriate imagery to bring it all to life. It was a piece of work I wrote and directed and was put together by Mandy Tootill in their Graphics Support Unit. This video is now being used at conferences to market the School of Dentistry. Hoping this is the start of more media/communications projects there.


School of Dentistry Exhibition Stands

School of Dentistry Exhibition Stand 1 School of Dentistry Exhibition Stand 2 School of Dentistry Exhibition Stand 3

While working at Manchester University’s School of Dentistry I have been asked to design some exhibition stands that they will be taking out to conferences. These are three Pop Up Exhibition Stands which will replace three older ones that they are currently using.