I’m a Mancunian lass with an interest in all things video and photography. I have previously worked in TV but moved into work in Social Media and Community Development in 2009.  I got involved with Community Reporting through volunteering with People’s Voice Media which led to freelancing as a Community Reporter at conferences and also delivering Community Reporter training. My last role there as a Community Reporter Trainer  involved not only Community Reporter training but Project Management and co-ordination of Community Engagement activities –  which was something of a step up for me. I’ve worked with some diverse groups and it certainly got me out and about. I’ve been working in Manchester, Salford, Liverpool, Preston, Rotherham, Blackburn and Hartlepool. In May 2011  I headed off to Salamanca in Spain to support Teresa Wilson on the ISABEL project training trainers to train Community Reporters in Europe. I’ve always hoped to travel abroad with my  job, and I finally got to do it!  Currently I am looking for projects to work on or an interesting full time job involving media. I’ve set up this blog to kind of collate all these activities and map my journey .


6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Julia, Sally here: cracking blog, very comprehensive! How are you getting on? I haven’t been able to track you down via FB but I’m glad to see you’re still active and revelling in film, something which I don’t have the pleasure of doing atm. I wish you well and hope to hear from you soon x

  2. I love the blog Julie, the 60’s films sound fantastic. Our Lancashire based British Musical Feature Film & Doc (in post producition) is partly set in the 60’s. Good Luck:)

    1. Thanks Eileen, very good luck with the film. We run shorts and features nights too at Kino and host Q & A’s with film makers. You are welcome to submit it for screening when it’s all done and dusted. If you’d like to do that then contact johnw@kinofilm.org.uk and just mention my name. Have a lovely day! x

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