Jenny’s Lament

A short film I wrote, directed and edited at Filmonik Gorilla Kabaret on Easter weekend 2013 with 1st AD Soile Mottisenkangas featuring original music developed with singer/actress Alyson Pendleton.

Directing this film was something of a personal breakthrough for me as I’ve been wanting to make a creative film for ages, the main experience I developed prior to this had been in factual community reporting. I also got the chance to experiment with building a soundscape for this piece too. It couldn’t have happened without the Filmonik Kabaret – would encourage anyone interested in filmmaking to get involved.  Happy to say it’s now been screened publicly three times, once at Filmonik, then at Kino Shorts (where I took part in a Q&A) then at The Penny Theatre event which inspired the film in the first place. I’ve kind of been edging towards creative film production by attending Bokeh Yeah, a DSLR filmmaking group, through which I got the opportunity to take the first step by being the sound recordist for Upon a Crocus Cloth. We’re set to start our next film challenge soon at Bokeh Yeah which will be the production of music videos.

About the film

Jenny’s Lament is Victorian Millworker’s tale filmed on location by Sanna Larmola of Into Productions at Quarry Bank and Chapeltown mills. The film was inspired by a North West Film Archive project called Workers of Manchester Past and Present. This is a non-commercial not for profit production.


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