Upon a Crocus Cloth Premiere Screening at The Black Lion, Salford



Exciting news!! Upon a Crocus Cloth, the latest poem film by Adele Myers, will be screened on the 11th January at The Black Lion in Salford.

This is especially exciting for me as I got involved in helping to make it! On a cold, late October evening I volunteered to be boom operator and record the performance of the poem Pity The Drunks in the key scene around the campfire, upon which the whole film hangs. This was a step in a different direction for me, as previously I have focused on filming and editing factual community based videos. For those of you who follow my blog you will be well aware of my recent heavy involvement in promoting Kino Short Film screenings by way of blogging and editing film maker Q&A videos. For a good few years now I have harboured ambitions to get involved with creative film making. This current project has been made possible by getting involved with Bokeh Yeah! – a film maker collective which focuses solely on making films with DSLR cameras. In October Bokeh Yeah! collaborated with Comma Press to launch the Comma-Bokeh Yeah! Poem-Film Challenge in which production teams were challenged to select poems to create DSLR films over a 3 month period.  Adele Myers, who runs the group, and Ra Page of Comma Press have had recent success with their first poem-film collaboration Racing Time which has been screened at Kino, Cornerhouse and has featured at a number of international poem film festivals including the Zebra Film Festival in Berlin, and Oslo Poesifilm Festival.

It has been an honour to work with Adele and the crew (Esther Vardy – Camera, Gareth Ferris – Camera and Circular Dolly Producer) on this production and I’m looking forward to working on more creative endeavours with Bokeh Yeah! in the future. In fact I’ve already got a script sorted – all I need now is a location, a hen party and some football fans!

Upon a Crocus Cloth will be screened with other poem films created for this challenge on Friday 11th January 2013 at The Black Lion in Salford – home of FutureArtists. Doors open 6.30 pm – entry price £1 so even cheaper than chips!

Black Lion location map and directions.


Black Lion facebook page:


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