Clint Boon visits Kino Shorts to talk about Escape Plan C

On 20th November we were highly honoured to have local legend and superstar DJ Clint Boon join us at Kino Shorts. He came along with film maker JP Mercer to talk to John Robb about the pilot for their new Manchester sci-fi comedy Escape Plan C. Clint stars as a hapless hen-pecked husband who harbours ambitions for space travel.They are currently seeking to get this comedy commissioned and have already got some big names on board, plus a big thumbs up from Paul Abbott! The plan is for each episode to feature a northern star. Bez starts the ball rolling with his cameo appearance in the pilot. It would be so ace to get this off the ground (no pun intended -or was there?) !!!


You can see the whole film here

and follow the progress of this campaign here


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