Spotted! The Fantastic Mr Fox

It pays to be up early on the weekend sometimes. I felt honoured to see this young fox taking a drink in our back garden in Withington, Manchester this morning. It’s the second time I’ve seen a fox here but the first time I’ve had the chance to take a photograph. There’s a field at the back of our house and I’ve often heard the foxes but rarely seen them. Our garden seems to be flourishing as an urban wildlife retreat. We’ve had a hedgehog recently and I’ve been told of a woodpecker and also bats frequenting the area. It’s a pleasure to have them here along with the usual garden birds and squirrels.


One thought on “Spotted! The Fantastic Mr Fox”

  1. Activity: Predominantly crepuscularily-nocturnal (active at dusk, night and dawn). They can be seen diurnally (during the daytime) lying-up in thick vegetation, patrolling territories or (especially when they have cubs) hunting. Diurnal activity is more common than many realise in both rural and urban areas; daytime activity in rural habitats tends to be observed in areas with low levels of human disturbance. Some literature says that, in urban environments, foxes tend not to become active until after midnight, although this may be associated with the level of persecution. In my experience, foxes can be seen at almost any time of the day. I’ve had foxes in my garden between 8pm and 10pm and have watched them exploring a busy industrial estate in the middle of Southampton during the early afternoon. Good climbers, foxes will sometimes use low branches of trees as a daytime resting place, providing a vantage point.

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