Kino Film Events Volunteers Required

We are urgently seeking volunteers to help in Manchester and Salford with Kino Film Events and future Kino Film Festivals, to help with event management and administration, research, marketing and sponsorship. We want to strengthen our links with Universities and other interested parties in order to develop new partnerships for 2012/3. We are looking for new ideas to bring into the arena so if you want to get seriously involved in event management, festival planning and programming, we want to hear from you now! You may be a a creative wishing to enhance your portfolio, or someone wanting to learn the ropes of event management and planning either way this is a good place to start. We are particularly seeking right now people who have time to make a regular commitment 1 day per week to help with film submission and memberships and also at regular film screenings – we hold about three events per month. Get involved by contacting John Wojowski via email at:


4 thoughts on “Kino Film Events Volunteers Required”

    1. Hi Michael,

      thanks for getting in touch. Are you looking for a screening opportunity? We host short film and feature screenings at Kino, and have Q & A’s with film makers. If you’re interested in doing that please contact and mention my name.

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