Media 2012 Citizen Journalism Project

I’m heading down to Cornerhouse later today to find out about the Media 2012 Citizen Journalism project. This is focusing on the 2012 Olympics and Cultural Olympiad. Citizen Journalism Training follows tomorrow and it will be very interesting for me to see what is in store. To date my activities have mainly focussed on Community Reporting so I will be keen to see what their training has in addition to this and what the difference is. I’m just itching to get involved in a project right now!


One thought on “Media 2012 Citizen Journalism Project”

  1. .TV-UN..Cambridge Community Television hosted a 3-month documentary production course that resulted in this short documentary on Citizen Journalism. Read what had to say about it Citizen journalism film released online By Oliver LuftCambridge Community Television CCTV – a US based electronic media public training forum – has released online an educational video about the history of citizen journalism.The 15-minute documentary Citizen Journalism From Pamphlet to Blog is a guide to US citizen journalism through the ages – from Thomas Paine in the 18th century to the more modern hows and whys of being an anti-establishment news hound.The film features interviews with talking heads from the blogging world – including Ethan Zuckerman of Global Voices – discussing among other things how newspapers have gone through major cost-cutting exercises as their revenues are leeched by sites like Craigslist..

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