Word Up at Platt Chapel

I popped down to Platt Chapel last night to see what was going on at their Word Up night, a spoken word event playing host to very many performance poets. Annette Cookson started the ball rolling, closely followed by Cath Bolton who had an ace poem about life on Stockport Road. Open Mic followed with performances by Chris Jam amongst many others, whose poem about the credit crunch I particularly enjoyed. It was cool to see him perform again, I’d last seen him at The Ape and Apple in 2009 when he was performing for the Not Part Of Festival, he’s got a really energetic vibe going. Kieron was also impressive, with his poem about Mettaler snobs, who make him feel out of place when he goes to rock venues even though he’s been into that scene possibly from even before they were born, but he doesn’t don the garb or the funny haircut anymore. Gerry Potter headlined the night with some of his “Pomes for Men” (Pomes is how liverpool men pronounce Poems), which were poems about what it was like to be a man and how they were all a bit unhinged! Platt Chapel itself is still under reconstruction – the scaffolding and giant moths flying about somehow add to the ambience. They’ve made a pleasant space at the back for the smokers with a small marquee and fairy lights, tea lights lead the way down the steps to the area and there are logs to sit on too which makes you feel a little like you’re in a fairy glade! The bar staff are friendly and drinks are reasonable, plus they have an excellent selection of cakes prepared and presented with much tender loving care. I liked it so much I’m going back again tonight to see a piece of physical theatre called The War Against Terror or T.W.A.T for short. For more info on Platt Chapel events have a look at their site http://web.me.com/hazelokeefe/The_Chape_1./home.html


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