Talk Broughton 3

So today I am working on planning out a new Community Reporters course for Talk Broughton 3, as I was yesterday which prompted me to revisit this blog. This is a follow on from Talk Broughton 2 (aka Connect Broughton) which I worked on from November 09 to April this year. To see what that’s all about see the link here This was a most enjoyable project working with the Eastern European and Orthodox Jewish communities in Higher Broughton. The Challah Baking video that Janice made seems to have gone down very well, and I’m very proud of here for making that it. The group also made an ebook about Media Production in the Orthodox Jewish Community which has received over 5,000 views – there’s a link to that here On this upcoming project I am revisiting the Orthodox Jewish community and a few of my previous students will be joining me again. They’ve just had mentor training so I think I’m going to aim to give them a role in supporting and guiding the newbies on projects so they make immediate use of what they’ve learnt.


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