I’m a slovenley one!

I truly am a slovenley one! I set this blog up in October 2009 and it’s only now that I’m revisiting it. I have been quite neglectful! But since I work in the world of Social Media and I’m encouraging people and supporting people in setting up their own blogs, it’s only right that I do so myself. So I should now be checking in on this regularly and  sharing my discoveries as a way of embracing this blogging phenomenon. I can be rather shy to begin with, so bear with me while I take my baby steps!

I have already joined the realms of Twitter, Flickr and Youtube and find these handy tools to share my videos, my photography and little thoughts that occur to me from time to time. My Myspace account is now very neglected, but it seemed that all was happening there was bands wanting to befriend me and invite me to their gigs which is kind of cool. But I was kind of poor and shy so wasn’t going to go to them really. I’m kind of a little uncomfortable with Mr Murdoch’s involvement with it too, he really doesn’t get this internet thing, so if I go visit I’m met with a fair few irrelevancies and services I’m really not going to use. Facebook has been the staple of my Social Networking and has really proved useful in helping me find involvement in the kind of things I like doing, including the work that I’m doing now for People’s Voice Media. It was a perfect connection for me when newly redundant and seeking creative pursuits, and vowing I would never do office work again. Also too with Single Cell Collective, The Not Part Of Festival and Manchester Film Cooperative.

So back to this . . . my discovery today has been how to customise my page, is pretty, no? Not down to my artistic abilities but to the person who’s name is at the bottom of the page. But I quite like the japanese sketchy (in a good way) feel to it.


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