Manchester School of Dentistry Marketing Animation

Not strictly a film work this but a marketing video I was asked to review and update, by Paul Coulthard (Head of School) whilst working at The School of Dentistry at Manchester University. This was a side project during office temp work that I’m doing which came my way because they found out I did a spot of film making in my spare time and was interested in media production. It was pretty much like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. I was reworking a piece put together on aftereffects 3 years ago with a whole batch of new photographs taken by a freelance photographer the school had hired. My task was to develop the wording to give the film more impact and select appropriate imagery to bring it all to life. It was a piece of work I wrote and directed and was put together by Mandy Tootill in their Graphics Support Unit. This video is now being used at conferences to market the School of Dentistry. Hoping this is the start of more media/communications projects there.

Open Doors

Working with Stuart Alexander Rees on his film Sea of Dreams then led to me working with Sarah Sayeed, who is a wonderfully talented musician and actor, and now director. Stuart was happy with the work I’d done on his film and recommended me to Sarah who was looking for an editor. Sarah and I worked together over 3  four hour sessions on this piece, she had a fairly clear vision of what she wanted to achieve and was really organised which was enormously helpful in getting the piece together.  I feel that this is the best work I have done for someone else so far.

Sea of Dreams

In 2013 I started attending Filmonik Kabarets. If you’re keen to get into making film (in any capacity), think you have skills you’d like to develop in this area or already working in film and TV this is a great place to meet and work with like minded people, test your skills and ideas, try new things you’ve not had the opportunity to do before and try new things you’ve not even considered in a very short space of time (4 days is usual). Filmonik has allowed me to start directing and writing for short film and edit other people’s films. Stuart Alexander Rees was one of the first people that I edited for. The film is a short poem film which was wholly created at the summer 2013 kabaret. It was really interesting for me to sit with a director and bring their ideas to life.

Open Call for Film Submissions!

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Quays Culture invite you to submit your artist film for our second Quays Open Day, a free, curated programme of events happening all over the Quays. Within this exciting programme, a 25-seater mobile cinema will be open to the public, featuring screenings of dynamic and groundbreaking work on screen. As part of this we are launching a programme dedicated to northern artist film.

We are looking for artists and filmmakers in the North of England who are pushing the boundaries in artist film. We want to showcase a range of new, inspirational and challenging film art from emerging northern talent. We want excellent work that captures the imagination of the public, many of whom would be new to artist film.

The Artist Film Programme will include two strands for entries;

a final year student strand

a general open call strand

Both strands will be free to enter. Finalists will be…

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Don’t Make Any Sudden Movements!

Poster ImageWell hello folks, I must apologise as I seem to have been away for some time, but there’s been a good reason for it. I’ve actually been working on making a music video over the summer for Invertor who are one of the Single Cell Collective  acts  ( if you click on the link click on a T Shirt to find out more about them). Their song “Don’t Make Any Sudden Movements” was released on the Six Rivers album in 2009, so it’s not a new song, but I was looking for a song which would fit with an idea I had about civil liberties and Public Space Protection Orders, some new form of anti-social behaviour order. I wanted to take the idea that these new powers could potentially affect anyone, and my fictional Public Space Protection Officers  would actually be from a private security firm which police themselves. The plot of the film centres around a picnic that goes horribly wrong, down to the intervention of Public Space Protection Officers. The idea was inspired by a number of stories I read about these new powers being used, particularly the story about homeless guys having their belongings confiscated by police for sleeping rough – here’s a story from the Independent about it. The idea had been buzzing around in my head for a couple of months when I had the opportunity to make a music video as part of the Bokeh Yeah! Single Cell Music Video Challenge and so it went from there. This is the second short film I have directed, and it was actually a brilliant experience, I couldn’t have asked for better cast or crew and everybody had lots of fun making it. There will a public screening of my film, and others which have been created for this challenge at The Three Minute Theatre on Thursday 10th October from 7pm with musical accompaniment from some of the Single Cell artistes. Come and have a look!  :)

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